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      IBM Disk Systems

IBM XIV Storage System

The IBM® XIV® Storage System is a proven, high-end disk storage series designed to address storage challenges across the application spectrum, including for virtualization, email, database, analytics and data protection solutions. The XIV series delivers consistent high performance and high reliability at tier 2 costs for even the most demanding workloads, using massive parallelism to allocate system resources evenly at all times and scale seamlessly without manual tuning. Its virtualized design and customer-acclaimed ease of management dramatically reduce administrative overhead and bring optimization to virtualized server environments.


IBM XIV is proven, high-end disk storage, designed for growth with unmatched ease of use. IBM XIV eliminates the complexity of managing enterprise storage. It never compromises performance for reliability, providing consistent high performance without manual tuning for even the most demanding application workloads, while keeping TCO incredibly low.* Its grid architecture delivers virtual storage that optimizes performance in virtualized environments and integrates seamlessly with cloud technologies to give you the agility you need to handle growth.

Now, a great storage system gets even better with a third-generation model designed for the most demanding performance needs. IBM XIV Gen3 harnesses the same proven XIV architecture and features state-of-the-art hardware to boost throughput by up to a factor of four, dramatically increasing performance.

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e XIV Storage System has met with rapid market success with more than four thousand installations in diverse industries worldwide, including financial services, healthcare, energy, education and manufacturing. IBM XIV integrates easily with virtualization, email, database, analytics and data protection solutions from Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, SAS, VMware, Hyper-V, and Symantec. It is offered in two models: the standard model, for meeting most application needs with excellent price-to-performance benefits, and XIV Gen3, for ultra-high performance.

Power of the XIV Architecture Unleashed. The XIV Gen3 model exemplifies the XIV series’ evolutionary capability: each hardware component has been upgraded with the latest technologies, while the core of the architecture remains intact. The XIV Gen3 model gives applications a tremendous performance boost, helping customers meet increasing demands with fewer servers and networks.

XIV Storage System series—Common features:

XIV Gen3 brings ultra-performance capabilities to the XIV series by providing:


IBM XIV Storage System is offered in two models, both based on the same proven XIV architecture and all-inclusive pricing approach:

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  • A revolutionary, high-end, disk storage system with a virtualized grid architecture designed to eliminate the complexity of storage administration and make managing storage easy

  • High reliability and data availability via active-active N+1 redundancy of all key components, partition mirroring, unique self-healing, rapid rebuild times, and non-disruptive upgrades

  • Unmatched total cost of ownership and environment-friendly attributes, with dramatic efficiencies in capacity, power, and space

  • Enterprise-level, consistent performance through massive parallelism, disk utilization and unique caching mechanisms

  • Open and integrated system, offering strong interoperability with open system servers and technologies

  • Transparent, no-impact scalability, in on-demand increments, without the need for manual data migration or performance tuning, providing automatic online capacity growth

  • Rich function set standard with the system software includes snapshots, thin provisioning, data migration, asynchronous and synchronous mirroring and an intuitive management console

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XIV Storage      

Next-generation storage system helps enable growth without complexity

The IBM XIV® Storage System is a next-generation high-end open disk storage system. An integral part of IBM’s broad spectrum of system storage offerings, the XIV system has an innovative grid architecture designed to deliver the highest levels of reliability, performance, scalability and functionality at low overall cost, while eliminating complexity and providing unprecedented ease of management.

Designed for exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership, the XIV system aims to tackle almost every aspect related to owning, operating and maintaining a storage system, including backup and restore, acquisition, environmentals, administration and downtime cost factors.

The XIV system is designed to deliver consistently high performance through the elimination of hot spots and full exploitation of all key system resources. Its ground-breaking architecture delivers these performance levels while innovatively leveraging the capacity and cost benefits of large SATA drives.

Outstanding availability and reliability are delivered through a revolutionary redundancy scheme, enabling automated self healing with exceptionally fast rebuild times. Software functionality including snapshotting, thin provisioning and space reclamation, and remote mirroring can help ease provisioning and protect business data from unexpected outages. IBM XIV can help customers deploy an information infrastructure that is reliable, versatile and available while offering improvements in storage management, provisioning and improved asset utilization.  PDF-logo.png pdf logo image by ziezafashion Data Sheet

  • Provides unprecedented data protection and availability through active-active N+1 redundancy of system components
  • Automatically self-tunes and delivers consistently high performance with unique, balanced data placement across all key system resources, eliminating hot spots on disks
  • Rapidly self-heals, rebuilding data after a 1 TB disk drive failure in an average of 30 minutes or less for most workloads
  • Promotes low total cost of ownership, enabled by high-density disks and optimal capacity use
  • Enables exceptional ease of management through an intuitive user interface that simplifies configuration
  • Up to 21 CPUs
  • Up to 72 Gbps internal switching capacity
  • Up to 120 GB cache memory
  • Up to 240 Gbps cache to disk bandwidth
  • Up to 180 SATA 7200 RPM disks, 1 TB or 2 TB
  • Up to 24 Fiber Channel ports offering 4 Gbps, 2 Gbps or 1 Gbps support
  • Up to 6 iSCSI ports offering iSCSI over Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Redundant power feed with input voltage from 180 to 264 V ac

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Distributed, massively paralleled architecture
  • Offers high performance: Full exploitation of system resources including disks, central processing units (CPUs) and switches combined with unique caching algorithms can translate into excellent performance.
Easy storage management
  • Simplifies the complexity of storage management through a highly intuitive GUI, automated load balancing and optimized capacity use that reduces the amount of storage to be managed

  • Enables management of up to 64 systems from a single XIV user console
Active-Active with N+1 redundancy of all system components Offers high reliability: Systems components are protected in an N+1 active-active design to help ensure the highest levels of reliability and availability; provides redundancy of all system components at hardware and software levels, including:
  • UPS protection of disk, cache, and electronics, redundant power supply and fans

  • Concurrent multi-path host connectivity

  • Remote mirroring at virtually unlimited distances

  • Non-disruptive code load

  • Proactive error detection and self healing
Rapid self healing
  • Helps reduce risk of impact from disk failure: The system’s exceptionally short rebuild process allows a 1 TB disk drive to be re-built in 30 minutes or less, helping to reduce the chance of a second disk failure during the critical time of the rebuild process
  • Provides near-instantaneous snapshots: The system’s innovative architecture enables snapshot copies of data to be created and made available in sub-second time

  • Features minimal capacity overhead: Snapshot copies are differential and require capacity only to store changes in data

  • Provides thousands of differential snapshots: A true solution for multi-generation logical backup, with virtually no impact to system performance
Remote mirroring
  • Helps protect data against site failure: Asynchronous and synchronous remote mirroring can provide business continuity through protection against primary site outages, disasters and site failures. XIV asynchronous mirroring is flexible and can be automatic, based on a user-configurable schedule or manual command. Its flexibility extends to many parameters, including multiple consistency groups, targets and mirrored pairs. For both kinds of replication, a snapshot mirror function enables copying of local snapshots to a remote site; this is particularly important for application-consistent snapshots.
Thin provisioning
  • Facilitates reduced storage costs: Thin provisioning allows logical volumes to exceed physical capacity, while the latter only need be large enough to contain the data actually written; this flexibility can offer dramatic savings in storage, power, and space costs

  • Helps provide simplified provisioning and space reclamation, which can ease the management of capacity allocation for application workload. Using XIV system management tools, administrators can easily zero out space no longer in use; the system then releases that space into the general pool, allowing its reuse. Instant space reclamation is also enabled for supported applications which offer thin reclamation.
Data migration
  • Allows the migration of volumes from current-generation systems to the IBM XIV Storage System, copying the information while applications are online
Wide host and application interoperability
  • Supports a wide variety of hosts, operating systems, applications and middleware

  • Special affinity for virtualized environments, including VMware with XIV support for VMware vSphere, vCenter and vCenter Site Recovery Manager.
Native concurrent multi-path support
  • Helps provide optimized, reliable integration with the host operating system

  • Provides cost-effective connectivity (no charge)

  • Helps prevent delays while awaiting third-party device drivers
Storage infrastructure optimization
  • Provides IBM Tivoli® FlashCopy® Manager support, facilitating automated, application-aware management of snapshots—helping alleviate scripting tasks, improve service levels, enhance data protection and recoverability and simplify snapshot management, especially in complex heterogeneous storage environments.

  • Leverages IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center support including TPC for Disk and TPC Standard Edition, delivering full performance monitoring, analysis, capacity planning and reporting.

  • Provides Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Copy Services 6 for Advanced Copy Services support, to enhance copy, backup and restore operations for Microsoft® Windows® and IBM AIX® applications.

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  • SATA disk drives
  • 7,200 RPM supported
  • Capacity: 1 TB or 2 TB
Physical Specifications
  • Dimensions: Height: 78.4 in/199.1 cm; Width: 23.6 in/60 cm; Depth: 45 in/114.2 cm
  • Maximum weight: 1,949 lb/884 kg
  • Clearance: Front: 47 in/120 cm; Rear: 39.4 in/100 cm
  • Input voltage: Nominal, 200 - 240 V ac, at 60 A or 30 A (+/- 10%)
  • Redundant power feed
  • Single-phase power feed
Operating Environment
  • Temperature: 10 - 35° C
  • Altitude: up to 7,000 ft/2,134 m
  • Humidity: 25 - 80%, noncondensing
Capacity and Resources (per module)
  • Cache-to-disk bandwidth: 240 Gbps


# Mod- ules   # Disks   Usable capacity*
1TB/ 2TB
  Conne- ctivity   Power usage
1TB/ 2TB
  Internal (grid) switching (GBps)   # CPUs   Memory (GB)
            FC ports iSCSI ports   kVA (peak) kVA (idle)   30   Dual **    
6   72   27 / 55   8 0   3.4/3.1 2.9/2.8   30   9   48/96
9   108   43/87   16 4   5.0/4.5 4.2/4.0   48   15   72/144
10   120   50/102   16 4   5.5/4.9 4.7/4.4   52   16   80/160
11   132   54/111   16 4   6.1/5.4 5.2/4.7   56   17   88/176
12   144   61/125   20 6   6.7/5.8 5.7/5.1   60   18   96/192
13   156   66/134   20 6   7.2/6.2 6.2/5.5   64   19   104/208
14   168   73/149   24 6   7.8/6.6 6.7/5.9   68   20   112/224
15   180   79/161   24 6   8.4/7.1 7.2/6.2   72   21   120/240

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Data Protection
  • Active-active with N+1 redundancy on disks, modules, switches and UPS units
  • Non-disruptive hardware and firmware upgrades
  • Remote synchronous and asynchronous mirroring and flexible restore
  • Differential snapshots with near-zero performance overhead
    • Thousands of snapshots
    • Instant create, modify, restore
    • Writable snapshots
    • “Snap on snap”
  • Self-healing: Rapid rebuild time after disk and module failure
All functionality included with system software
  • LDAP authentication
  • Thin provisioning (including support for thin reclamation)
  • Data migration
  • Storage management
  • Native multi-path support
  • Support for Tivoli® FlashCopy® Manager Tivoli Productivity Center and Tivoli Storage Management
Host Connectivity
  • Fibre Channel rates: 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps
  • iSCSI over Gigabit Ethernet
  • SCSI-3 protocol for both FC and iSCSI

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